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BEST FAT BURNING ABS WORKOUT. You are probably familiar with the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. This does not mean that you are going to curl the microwave or bench the refrigeration nor does it mean that you are going to fried or baked your abdominal muscles. It simply means that you will never be able to see your abs unless you shred all the fat that is covering them. And in order for your body to to that you must have your nutrition habits in check. All of us have abs underneath our belly and eating right is key...

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HOW TO FRONT LEVER Step by Step. The Front Lever is arguably one of the hardest static moves to master in the world of Calisthenics. Despite looking simple at first sight, this static hold requires a great amount of upper body strength and core stability. It involves the activation of almost every muscle in your body, from your forearms to your chest, shoulders and back, all the way to your entire core, glutes and legs. Although seemingly impossible when you attempt it for the first time, this skill can be obtained by training smart and patiently going through the...

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HOW TO MUSCLE UP IN 5 MINUTES WITH 3 EASY STEPS!!! The Muscle Up is one of the best, if not the best body-weight exercise you could ever do to gain a solid upper body strength. It is the combination of a Pull-up and a Dip in one single rep. Making it one the most complete movement patterns out there. Even though you need some pulling and pushing strength to perform this move, you definitely need much less than you think. As you will see in the following video, the Muscle up is more about right timing and proper...

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HOW TO GET BIG ARMS WITH NO WEIGHTS. There is no doubt that having well develop big arms will make your body look good and strong. It will be rare going to a conventional gym and not seeing someone doing biceps curls with a pair of 20 pounds dumbbells. This brings out a very interested topic and that is our ability to get that 3D triceps and that ”hill like” bicep peak without the use of any weights. Although its much easier to develop our arms with additional weight, we must understand that resistance is resistance weather it comes from...

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HOW TO GET THE ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE (CARDIO WORKOUT). One of the biggest questions in the fitness industry is: Should I do cardio? The answer:  Yes. Although you can get a ripped body without doing any cardio, doing it will only help you achieve that body you want much faster. It will also increment your ability to go longer in your strength workouts which will make you stronger and more muscular in the long run. Unless you want to put 10+ pounds of muscle in the fastest amount then you should be doing cardio at least once a week. Now, you may...

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