Once you start working out, you come across many blogs that focus on a particular part of your body and how you can make it stronger, for example, biceps, thighs, abs etc. but have you ever focused on your overall strength and how to improve it? Well, we have the perfect tip to make you stronger overall, and that is GRIP!

The grip is something that we overlook upon while we are training. Not only does your grip determine your endurance but it also tells a lot about your retention. A lot of times, we think that we can’t train harder or do certain tasks because our muscles of that particular area are weak, however, it is our grip that is stopping us from going a step further!

The easiest way to train your grip is to squeeze your hand as hard as you can. Like all other exercises, it may seem hard at the start, but it will actually tone your muscles to grip stronger and longer. There is a short exercise routine advised by our expert that will help you improvise;

  • One arm hang

Hang on a bar with one hand and hold, then change your hand.

  • One arm switching hang

Same as 1, but you don’t have to take breaks while changing hands.

  • Ring hang

Hold the rings and hang your body making an ‘L’ shape and hold.

  • False group hang

Bring your hand from the top of the bar only to hold the lower part, such that your wrist is pointing to the top of the bar and hold.


  • Barbell bend wrist hold and pumps

Do that false grip on the weight bars and lift it up.

  • Finger press

  • Plate finger hold


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