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IGNITE pre-workout was created with the purpose of giving Elite ThenX Instructors the edge they need to crush every single workout, every day of the week.

We strategically designed ThenX Ignite to immortalize our promises to you: to deliver the most effective training workouts ever, without compromise. Now, we are sharing our pre-workout with you. The same formula that allows our instructors to workout every day past the point of exhaustion!

The Ignite formula is designed to give you:

  • Unparalleled energy
  • Incredible focus
  • Extreme power
  • Lasting stamina

Everything you need to take your training to a whole new level, just like our instructors do.

ThenX carefully selected only top quality ingredients to use in proven, effective dosages so you can experience the best workouts of your life.

We say no to: outdated science, placebo ingredients, proprietary blends, under-dosed ingredients, artificial sweeteners or food dyes are present in our product, and most of all false claims!

THENX IGNITE is the cleanest yet most potent pre-workout designed for aesthetic training, and the only product accepted by Elite ThenX Instructors.

Get ready to unleash the beast!

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