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L.A. Fit Expo 2018 was a remarkable and inspiring event for fitness enthusiasts. Here’s a brief review of the Expo for those of you who couldn’t attend it. Fit Expo started at 10 PM and there was huge number of people waiting for it to start. At the booth, there was an enormous line of people – fitness experts and fitness enthusiasts – waiting for the doors to open. The crowd was buzzing with excitement and it really was inspiring to see so many people attending the expo. Another thing that was really pleasing to see that not only...

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50 Different Travel Exercises you can do ANYWHERE

Have you been wondering how not to miss out on your fitness regime while you’re traveling? If you’re a fitness enthusiast who also gets to travel a lot, you should check out this list of travel exercises you can do on the go: Pull-Ups: Pull-ups are great for your back and biceps. You don’t need much equipment to be able to do your pull-ups regularly. Single Arm Rows: Keep those arms strong and toned even while you’re traveling. If you can’t find dumbbells, just put a few water bottles in a shopping bag and use it instead. Bent Over...

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Turn Holiday Cheat Meals Into Gains | Feat. Steven Spence

Cheat meals around during the holidays can make you gain a lot of weight. Snacks rich in carbohydrates and sugar are absolute no-nos for elite bodybuilders. However, you may not realize this sooner, but these cheat meals can actually work in your favor. But there is a time frame involved. All of the glycogen that your body stores either gets turned into fat or gets utilized. You must aim for utilizing it. Before it turns to fat. Get right on some advanced-level exercises to burn all this pent-up energy. To really aid yourself in your routine, go about some...

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Burning fat is on top of body goals. Be it professionals or an average person working out for fitness, fat burning can prove to be a nightmare. Those dropping digits on the scale don’t always mean fat loss. Fat loss greatly depends on your basal metabolic rate, hormones and your net calorie gain. Likewise, building muscle is also a tedious task. Whether you are a skinny person trying to gain muscle, or a fat person trying to convert fat into muscle; all you need is the right regimen with a good diet plan to become stronger and thicker! Today...

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How To Start Weighted Calisthenics | THENX

Chris Heria, the founder and owner of Thenx Official, shows us how to perform weighted calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics are only for the people who can perform basic calisthenics, in other words you must have the foundation and structure for calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics are the next level and can be difficult for people who cannot perform calisthenics properly. The pre requisites for weighted calisthenics are: At least 15 pull ups with good technique and perfect form At least 20 dips At least 20 pushups At least 30 squads Holding for at least 10 seconds. If a person is able to...

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