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How To Get Lower Abs (Common Mistakes) 2018 | THENX

As the proverbial saying goes, it is easier said than done. It could not be truer when it comes to building lower abdominals. If you are a hardcore, elite body builder, you know. Exercising in the right proportions to get your abs even is not child’s play. There is required an extreme amount of dedication, and meticulousness. But rest assured: nothing is impossible. Down below, you will find three feasible ways of getting ripped. Logically. Lower your body fat. There are a number of factors that contribute to body fat accumulation. If you have alcoholic drinks, you need to...

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The MUSCLE UP Workout 2018 | THENX

Now once you have mastered muscle ups that we taught you in the last blog, it’s time to take it to the next level! Your body’s endurance level changes as you exercise more and more. While becoming stronger, it also requires more effort than you did before over time. So here is a complete workout by our expert Chris Heria, to help you form a muscle up regimen. However, knowing muscle ups beforehand and mastering them is not a pre requisite for this workout. Switch grip muscle up Hold a high bar and do muscle ups the conventional way....

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How To TRAIN with PARALLETTES | 2018

Parallettes are bars made from wood or steel those are placed parallel to each other and are used for exercise; they can be used to bring variations in pushups, for hand stand and other exercises. Why to Use Parallettes? Parallettes take very less space. If you do not have a lot of space to get shredded, parallettes are totally recommended. The place where you place them on the floor is going to be the place where you train which means you can train in your room, in living room, outside or anywhere you want to. Parallettes put relieve on...

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Chris Heria records a video with Demi Bagby which he has called as 10 minutes of Hell. This is a special edition video as Thenx officially shifts to its new headquarters and closes down the old one. As the name suggests these 10 minutes involve high intensity workout having alternating periods of activity (45 seconds) and rest (10 seconds rest). These exercises involve backflip burpees, muscle ups, wallball combo, jump ropes, weighted pull ups, box jump pistol squats, burpee pullover, walking lunges, pushups and finally around the worlds. Backflip Burpees: Backflip burpees are performed with flipping the body through...

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A stronger chest is not only important in an aesthetic sense, but also helps you perform your workouts better. In this article, we’ll teach you how to build a stronger chest with rings. You might want to ask how rings can help you build a strong chest. When you’re working out with rings, you have to use more of your strength and concentrations – so as a result, you build more muscle. Using rings also helps you produce a muscle-balance in your body. While using rings, you’re using equal strength and concentration on both sides, like when you’re doing...

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