Author: Gabo Saturno


10 MINUTES OF HELL! WORKOUT | Reaction Video  We are only as strong as our mindset. Even though exercising is considered a physical activity, the way you think plays a essential role in maximizing the results you get from training. If you are not using your mind correctly you are missing out the real power and strength your body is capable of producing. Here are some tips on how you can master your mindset when it comes to training: Visualize. Did you know your body does not know the difference between an event that is physically experienced and an event that...

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HOW TO DO A HANDSTAND. One of the most wanted skills in Calisthenics is the well known Handstand. The ability to balance on your hands is something everyone can achieve with proper training and enough practice. However, as simple as it looks, mastering this move requires a great deal of concentration, strength and balance. Even though the biggest secret to stand on your hands would be to practice every single day, there are a few tips that can help you achieve it faster than just kicking up and down a thousand times a day. Lets go one by one so...

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NEVER SKIP LEG DAY (ROUTINE)  Legs are probably the muscle group most avoided by fitness enthusiasts. Most people want a big chest, arms or back but not too many people put the attention necessary to the bottom part of their body. Why does this happen and why it is so common to skip leg day? Lets find out! I believe there are two reasons why most people avoid legs day at all cost. The first one has to do with the fact that they are easily covered with clothe and they are not visible right away like other parts of...

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BEST FAT BURNING ABS WORKOUT. You are probably familiar with the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. This does not mean that you are going to curl the microwave or bench the refrigeration nor does it mean that you are going to fried or baked your abdominal muscles. It simply means that you will never be able to see your abs unless you shred all the fat that is covering them. And in order for your body to to that you must have your nutrition habits in check. All of us have abs underneath our belly and eating right is key...

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HOW TO FRONT LEVER Step by Step. The Front Lever is arguably one of the hardest static moves to master in the world of Calisthenics. Despite looking simple at first sight, this static hold requires a great amount of upper body strength and core stability. It involves the activation of almost every muscle in your body, from your forearms to your chest, shoulders and back, all the way to your entire core, glutes and legs. Although seemingly impossible when you attempt it for the first time, this skill can be obtained by training smart and patiently going through the...

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