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TOP 5 Exercises To Master Handstand. The Handstand is one of the most desirable skill by most Calisthenic athletes. It is also one of the hardest to achieve due to its complexity. However, with consistent practice you can be balancing in your hands faster than you think. But there is a small detail that comes into place. And that is the fact that even after ten years of practice there is always something to improve upon when it comes to hand balancing. Even if you can hold a perfectly straight handstand for five minutes, you will always find areas you...

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Start Calisthenics with This Workout. Most people can be intimidated by Calisthenics. Some believe that it is all about difficult positions or dangerous tricks. It would be normal to be scared by that when you can barely do a pull up or a push up. However, Calisthenics can be done by everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Let me explain. Even though Calisthenics can get pretty complex as you become more advance, in reality it is nothing more than just using your own body weight to train. Some will take the route of performing fancy tricks while others just want to become fit...

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How To Start Calisthenics – L SIT & PISTOL SQUATS The L Sit and Pistol Squats are two calisthenics moves that will challenge everyone’s core and legs strength. Although very different movements, they both required you to have a really strong core and hip flexors as well as some degree of hamstring flexibility. Lets take a closer look at this two moves! THE L SIT The L Sit is perform by lifting your body with your arms completely straight pushing down and then raising your legs to create a 90 degree angle with your torso. The easiest place to do...

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How To Start Calisthenics – PUSH UPS & DIPS Calisthenics is mostly seen as a difficult, sometimes impossible form of training. Even though it can get pretty complex and challenging, Calisthenics can be done by anyone. It is not always about spinning or jumping from bar to bar, in fact, it is about simply working out using only your own body weight. This can be done by doing simple and basic movements such as push-ups, dips, pull-ups and squats. Lets take a look at push ups and dips. These two movements are considered pushing exercises. They work primarily on the chest, triceps...

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How To Start Calisthenics – PULL UPS The pull-up is considered one of the ‘basic’ moves in the Calisthenics world. Despite its popularity, the pull-up can be found really challenging for some or even most individuals. It requires a strong grip, the activation of all your back muscles and a good amount of strength to pull yourself up a bar. However, as any other basic Calisthenics move there are easier progressions you can do in other to master the pull up. By training with the proper drills and by following the right workouts you will be able to master this...

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