All women want to shed fat and tone their body. But when it comes to strength training, they usually think that lifting heavy weights in the gym will make them huge muscle women, like we have all seen in one of men’s wrestling on TV. This is only a myth, as women do not have the testosterone levels to actually develop those big muscles. Strength training, if carried out appropriately, will shape the body, burn more calories, improve posture and reduce pain besides many other benefits.

@LindSlaaay (Instagram id), a fitness trainer says, “The thing about lifting weights and strength training is that it builds muscles and helps you shed fat. So what you are actually doing is building the physique that most women want. You are not getting giant huge muscles because we don’t even have those sort of testosterone levels to even do that.”

Lindsay is herself a passionate women strength trainer. From lifting heavy weights to working out like a beast, she does all of that. What most women fear doing in the gym is a piece of cake for her. Lindsay accepted a challenging workout to show if what she said is really true, can women really train as hard as men!


Here is what she does to prove it:

  • Warm up through a handstand pole: Handstand pole allows Lindsay to wake up her whole body and tune into the working out mode. Handstand pole engages your hands, core, back, feet and back so that the whole body is involved. Lindsay also does some foot movement while being on the hold to warm up the muscles there.


  • Weighted pull-ups: The weighted pull-ups are performed with a heavy weight tied between the thighs and pulling up against a rod. How Lindsay likes to do it take a much heavier weight and have fewer reps.


During the pull-ups, Lindsay easily performs 5 reps with the weights!


  • Ring dips: For the ring dips, Lindsay puts holds rings in her hands and pushes her body upwards (holding the whole body weight only on the rings).


  • Front Squats: Front squats are performed by supporting weight on the shoulders and squatting. Till now, Lindsay is totally nailing through the challenge denying the common myth.


  • Pullovers: Lindsay accepts the challenge to perform 5 full pullovers. For the pull over the body is first pulled upwards against a rod and then rotated at a full angle.


  • Walking lunges: Lindsay does the walking lunges by holding a heavy weight on the back of her shoulders and doing a walking lunge, moving from one corner of the room to another.

So if you are a girl and have been fearing strength training, next time walk straight into the weight room because there is no reason why you cannot do it.

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