Working out, strength training or calisthenics will not produce the desired results unless done on a regular basis. We know habits are easily formed and molded in the childhood, so what not we train our children for physical activity and fitness regime in their unripe age? In this way, they are more likely to train throughout their life, enjoy better overall development and grow into healthy adults.

Chris Heria-the founder and owner of Thenx (a calisthenics training website) have come up with beginner calisthenics workouts by engaging his little kid, Zain Heria. This beginner calisthenics training is good for both kids and those adults who want to make start in it.

Before starting to work out, there are certain forms and techniques that must be kept in mind. These techniques will lay the foundation of the whole calisthenics in later life and it is extremely important to have a strong foundation. The little Heria is on his summer vacations and is trying to make a conscious effort to make his gym lessons better.

“The following Callisthenic tips are perfect for someone who has never started before, because it is going to introduce you to the basics of pulling and pushing, and exercises that you will be able to modify and do at your own fitness level.” – Chris Heria


  • Warm and Stretch: 15 Jumping Jacks. Do not worry if you experience a little fatigue because hey, it’s the first time.
  • Wall Walk to Handstand Hold: Put your hands on the floor with feet touching the wall and then slightly start walking as long as your feet can walk on the wall. Stop when you think you cannot go any higher and behold. When you cannot hold it anymore, just walk forward and release your body.

Note: Always try to walk your way back or you are going to hurt yourself.

  • Jump Plus Bar Hang:

Technique for boost jump: Stand up in front of the bar and straight and center your body. Take your hands straight up as if you are holding the bar, bring your hands back and then swing forward and jump.

When you have got the hold, breathe as fast as you can and keep the body as straight as possible while you hang.

  • Australian Pull Ups: Hold a bar and push your body towards it for 7 times.
  • Straight Bar Dips: Jump onto the top of the bar with feet straight together. Lean forward and allowing your arms to bend.
  • Push Ups: Try to do push-ups with form i.e. feet together and body straight. While pushing up, bend your arms and do not let your butt drop.
  • Squats: Use a ball to get those squats right. Keep your hands up and sit on the ball and stand back up. In this way, you are really building your form for squats.

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