Should you train with wrist wraps or are you better off without them?

If you are constantly putting pressure in your hands, lifting heavier than the average joe or just being serious about improving as an athlete, the answer is definitely YES!

But, why are wrist wraps good for and when should they be used?

Lets find out.

The first and definitely most important reason to use wrist wraps is to keep your wrist healthy.

See, your wrist are not designed to hold your entire body weight when doing a handstand.

Nor are they designed to flex that much when doing a Planche in the floor.

Using wrist wraps will protect the delicate cartilages around your wrist so you can avoid any serious injuries down the road.

The second reason is that wrist warps will help you lift heavier, hold poses for longer time and get more reps.


Simply because they offer your wrist the extra support it needs so you can focus on activating other muscles.

Consciously keeping your writs tight will take focus and energy out of you and will make you quit before getting those last best reps or seconds.

Now the final question is, should you always use them?

The answer is no.

They are a tool as anything else and need to be use in the proper scenarios only.

You will also need to workout without them some days to strengthen your wrist ligaments. However, if you use them for the reasons mentioned above, you will see massive results in your strength and physique.

Check out THENX recent youtube video to hear more in depth why you need to train with wrist wraps.

Additional workout included to test them efficiency 😉

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