Every Calisthenic enthusiasm will be intrigue to learn the Human Flag at some point in their journey. This skill is arguably the most impressive static hold at first sigh. However, It is one one the first moves achieved by many athletes. The Human Flag requires strength in your shoulders, back and entire core, especially your obliques.

As any static hold, smart training must be followed. You can have the strongest core in the world, however, if you do not train towards the move itself it will be hard to get there. Skills like this require you to master some basics moves before even start your training towards the skill itself. Lets call them ‘Requirements’. Then you must follow a series of steps and progressions that will strengthen your joints, muscles and entire nervous system to be able to hold the position. Finally, a specific workout can be done to either hold the move longer, perfect your form or add any advance variation.

Lets follow along Chris Heria in the following Youtube video where we goes over the entire Human Flag technique guide from THENX.COM. Get ready to defy gravity!

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