How To Get Stronger.

Do you prefer to look strong or to be strong? Even though you can certainly achieve both, having big muscles does not necessarily translate into having real strength. To get stronger you must train smart and hard. Lets revise three methods you can use in order increase your strength.


A perfect indicator you are getting stronger is you being able to do more reps in a particular exercise. Therefore, by doing more reps when you train you strength will increase. Try adding 2 more reps per week and see the results for yourself.


By doing the same amount of work in a shorter period of time you will not only get stronger but your body will look different. Your muscles as well as your nervous system will get use to recover faster for your next set and in consequence your strength will increase. Try shortening your rest period by ten seconds every week and get ready to see some serious gains.


This will be the easiest and more effective method to do so since is dot not require you to have more cardiovascular capability like the previous two methods. Increase your weight by 10% every week and watch your strength double over time!

Watch Chris Heria apply the third method to increase his pulling and pushing strength in the following THENX Youtube Video.

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