Legs are probably the muscle group most avoided by fitness enthusiasts. Most people want a big chest, arms or back but not too many people put the attention necessary to the bottom part of their body. Why does this happen and why it is so common to skip leg day? Lets find out!

I believe there are two reasons why most people avoid legs day at all cost. The first one has to do with the fact that they are easily covered with clothe and they are not visible right away like other parts of our body. The second one is that training your legs is harder and more challenging than training any other muscle group. Because of this most people will come up with any possible excuse in order to not workout their legs.

Now that we reviewed the reasons why people skip leg’s day lets take a look at the reasons why you should not:

  1. Legs are half of your entire body.

  2.  Boost anabolic hormones such as testosterone.

  3. Boos metabolism.

  4. Burn more calories (faster fat burning) than any other muscle group.

  5. Increase your endurance and aerobic level.

That is only to name a few. Training your legs should be as important or even more important than training any other part of your body. Do not worry if you cannot Squat with a barbell on your back or Deadlift two forty fives, Gabo Saturno and Magga Braco got you covered with this Calisthenics Body-Weight only Leg workout.


  1. Broad Jump across 20ft (6x)
  2. Pistol Squats (5x)
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats (15x Each)
  4. Switching Lunges (1min)
  5. Box Jumps (15x)
  6. Box Step Ups (15x Each)
  7. Calf raises + Hold (20x Each)
  8. Jumping jacks (1min)
  9. Crab Walks across 20ft (6x)
  10. Wall Sit (1min)

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