Frequently Asked Questions

No, the membership for the fitness center is a separate package.
No, although if you would like more hands on training, we recently opened a fitness center.
Each program has a list of prerequisites that you should meet before attempting the program, there is never any shame in starting at the basics and working your way to the top. Whichever level you start at, the exercises you do should help to prepare you for the next level of difficulty!
You can always repeat the week that you are on if you feel that it was too difficult to move past.
If you delete/cancel your account, the payments will end.
Head over to our forum, or our subreddit and ask away. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and it’s a great chance to interact with your fellow Thenx members!
The programs section are to increase your overall skill and development, and the daily workouts are to test those new profound skills! You can go along with the program, and when you’ve reached a part that’s tough to pass, start doing the daily workouts and then go back to the program and continue your journey. You will see you will return stronger and more efficient!