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Calisthenic Exercises By Men Using Only Their Body, Full Body Workout


Thenx program instructors have devoted years to rigorously training,testing and fine-tuning our cutting-edge programs.That means you get step-by-step, effective training that’s proven to deliver breakthroughs, body transformation, and serious results. Each level is designed to help you boost your overall fitness, skills, and ability. Start with the one best suited to your fitness level, and watch how fast you improve!

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Workout to Build A Calisthenics Body


To help you achieve optimum progress, performance, and results, new Thenx technique guides are released every single month. These official guides help you master special moves like the human flag, muscle up, handstand press, and more. Follow along with these monthly workouts and step-by-step videos to enhance your technique, achieve proper form, and get the most out of your Thenx workouts.

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Transform Your Body By Calisthenics


With a full Thenx membership, you get a new workout every single day. These fresh, innovative daily workouts are based on awesome weekly themes with specific goals. Each workout includes three levels of difficulty, allowing anyone – regardless of fitness level – to enjoy them. You don’t want to miss these optimized daily workouts. Do them each day. Challenge yourself. And see some serious results.

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Body Transformation: Before & After Calisthenics
Body Transformation: Before & After Calisthenics
Body Transformation: Before & After Calisthenics

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Introduction To Calisthenics
Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners
Intermediate Calisthenics Workout Routine
Advanced Calisthenic Workout
Calisthenics Exercise For A Bigger Chest, Intermediate Calisthenics Workout Routine
Build A Powerful Chest By Advanced Calisthenics
Avoid Gym By Using Calisthenic Aerobic Exercises


Calisthenics Workout Training

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Professional Calisthenics Trainer, Get Fit With Calisthenics


Professional Experience: 10 years

Chris Heria is a badass elite calisthenics athlete and trainer who’s competed internationally against some of the very best. Street Workout Champion, Professional Bar Athlete, Online Celebrity, and Premier Calisthenics Authority are a few of the many titles Chris holds. His revolutionary training, extensive knowledge, and core fitness framework make up the backbone of Thenx’s cutting-edge programs.

Ultimate Guide To Body Weight Training


Professional Experience: 10 years

After lifting weights for 8 years, Gabo Saturno set his sights on mastering a new, challenging arena of training and fitness – calisthenics. There, he discovered his passion. Now an elite calisthenics trainer, Gabo has expertise spanning a wide range of areas, including functional mobility, balance, yoga, and flexibility training. Gabo’s unrivalled set of dynamic skills and knowledge are inside Thenx’s programs.

Get Strong By Calisthenics


Professional Experience: 10 years

Several years ago, Stefan Heria rigorously adopted a powerful, calisthenics-based training method that resulted in his advanced skill development. As a trainer at Calisthenics Academy, Stefan now trains many clients with diverse fitness levels & skillsets. This allows him to continually sharpen his teaching techniques and deliver highly-effective, impressive results – which you’ll find in the Thenx programs.

Ultimate Calisthenics Workout


Professional Experience: 10 years

Internationally recognized for his specialty in advanced static gymnastic holds, Osvaldo Lugones is an extraordinary calisthenics athlete. Having honed various skills such as the planche, iron-cross, and maltese, his perfectly executed, fluid transitions are truly a spectacle to behold. Osvaldo has rock-solid knowledge, skills, and expertise that you’ll find inside Thenx’s bold new calisthenics programs.

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Types Of Calisthenic Exercises